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June 05, 2023

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Wood Art Barrettes

Wooden barrettes are stand alone classics and when they are complimented with several wood combinations, they are stunning!     Each barrette under this category is individually hand-crafted in my studio from multiple pieces of premium select wood. Careful attention is given at every stage; this ensures each creation is perfect. Nature's colour pallet is once again proudly displayed in true form, the natural colours are amazing.

Most barrettes in this category are available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large options. They also come in a variety of shapes. Oval and Rectangular are standard on all barrettes choices and, in some cases, there are other shape options.

The following links provide information on Barrette Sizes, Barrette Shapes and Pricing

Barrettebaron barrettes are fashioned for fit and comfort; also engineered for strength and durability. This topped off with authentic Made In France hair clip findings makes all my creations timeless.

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