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April 02, 2023


Here are a few unsolicited comments and feed back that my customers have forwarded to me over the years:

John Bleskacek, Wrenshall, MN:

I just want to say thank you for crafting such wonderful items. My wife loves the barrettes. They were part of her fifth wedding anniversary gift. We honeymooned in Hawaii back in 2006 and the koa wood is a perfectly beautiful reminder of our time there. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

Debra Losey, Poway, CA:

My order arrived. They are wonderful and I have gotten lots of compliments about them, as they look great in my pewter colored hair..grin! My friend loves the wooden ones and says she also gets compliments on her lovely hair clips as well. Thanks so much. Please do let us know if you come out with new (pewter) designs!

Carrie Fisher, New York:

Carrie Fisher (aka. Princess Leia of STAR WARS), she was in St. John's during July Summer 2005.. She bought one of my hair clips for herself...!

Sarah Monson, USA:

The barrettes are absolutely perfect. I gave it to my mother for her birthday and she wears it everyday now. The only problem was that she has very long hair and she wears it in a bun, so it doesn't quite fit over all of her hair. Now she uses it like a pony-tail holder, but she still loves it. If you ever make one that has a deeper curve I would definitly buy it.
You do incredible work and I will be sure to keep checking in on your website.
Thanks so much!

Virginia lee, USA:

Dear Darryl,
Just to let you know the barrette arrived, it's so beautiful, lighter and slimmer than I expected. Thanks for doing such a smashing job with it. I'm sure I'll be calling on you again. Until then, thank you, and all my best.
Yours sincerely,
Virginia Lee

Peggie, USA:

The package arrived today (Tuesday)!  The hair sticks are particularly stunning.  Although I'm tempted to keep them for myself, they will make for a wonderful birthday gift for a friend.

Darlene Chetek, Edmonton, AB:

Hi, received the barrette today. WOW! This is gorgeous! Thank you very much. It was worth the wait. Would love to get a few more pieces in the near future. Thanks again.

Tarnjah Myers, Australia:

Hi Darryl
  Just a note to let you know that my hair pieces have arrived safe and sound. They are absolutely gorgeous, you do beautiful work. The small barrettes are just the cutest, I have had a nearly (until I found you) endless search for something that size to hold back just some of my hair. Now that I have such beautiful hair ornaments I won't be able to ever cut my hair off. When money permits I might be back to buy something else from you, meanwhile I have a friend joining Paypal so she can buy something from you as well.  
Thanks again

Karla: Unknown:

Dear barrettebaron,
Hello. I suppose this is a silly email. All I want to say is that I love this style that you have with the wood and gem material. I just graduated from college and am presently unemployed, but as soon as I have a paycheck coming in, I will be looking for your work. (I have quite the hairstick collection.) I suppose I'm telling you this because I've been watching hairstick artists come and go for a few years, and I'm worried that you will disappear if you don't receive the appreciation you deserve. As a long-haired woman, I appreciate you artists for making beautiful things for my hair.
Take care, Karla.

Patricia Whitesell, Ann Arbor, Michigan:

Dear Darryl,
The oak leaf barrette arrived today, and it is beautiful!  You do a superb job of craftsmanship.  I just love it!
Sincerely, Patricia

Cindy Smith, USA:

Hi Darryl, came in the post today - I am so pleased, both barrettes are so pretty! Thank you and I will keep checking your website and ebay.
Thanks again! Cindy Smith

Jim Syvertsen, USA:

Got it today, well packaged and as beautiful as expected. Thanks, my wife loves it.

Charley Welsh, Northamptonshire, UK, England:

My barrette arrived.., thanks - and it's lovely.
I told the girls in my office about your site - they were impressed too. Think I might have to have a wooden one next.....!

Sandi AKA samthepotter, USA:

I just opened my box of barrettes and I am so impressed! These are some of the most beautiful woods I have ever seen. I have been thinking about cutting my hair but forget that now. Every time I wear your barrettes people comment on the beauty of your craftsmanship, I always tell them to go to your web site. You must be quite a fascinating person! Having visited your site I see Your starting to play with clay and being a potter myself I'll warn you that clay is very addictive. I've been potting seriously for about ten Years and I am never bored with clay, your imagination is your limitation. I haven't tried barrettes out of clay though!
Keep up the beautiful woodworking and have a great time with the potting. Thanks for the best barrettes I have ever worn,
Sandi AKA samthepotter

hoboannie, California:

I just wanted to let you know this is the neatest barrette I have ever seen! What a wonderful idea! We have a lot of manzanita where I live (mountains of Southern California) and I have always loved it. I am anxiously awaiting the end of this auction and crossing my fingers to be the winner! Regards, hoboannie

Diane & Tierney Vandervoort, USA:

Hi Darryl,
Received the barrettes yesterday and they are gorgeous!!!  My daughter LOVED them!!! Thanks so much!  We have you bookmarked for sure!!!
Best Regards,
Diane & Tierney Vandervoort


Hey Darryl,
I have four of your hair clips (two different sizes) and I wear them ALL THE TIME. I love them and look forward to your new designs.

Lonnie Lin, USA:

Hi Darryl:
Your barrettes are so strong. I wear them a lot and they haven't broken! I wear 'em pretty hard.
--Lonnie Lin

Kristy, ??:

You are going to be sick of me!
I was looking at some of your past auctions. Wow! Am I mad I just found you! I love your work. I saw the maple leaf, gorgeous!!! I can't wait for more, make XL"S PLEASE!!!!

Mike Singleton, Ontario Canada:

Hi Darryl,
Arrived today, safe-and-sound........Thanks, They are both very beautiful pieces of work...Utterly different (which, I guess, is part of their beauty......)...... The dolphin splash is a wonderful piece of work!!!! - many years ago, I used to enjoy a (hobbyist) lapidary wheel, and later a friend taught me (more-or-less) a metal lathe.....so I can 'put the two together' to visualize what you go through on the medallion alone...combine that with marquetry/inlay and I realize that this beautiful piece represents considerable (design) thought, great skill, and a considerable amount of rather-delicate work......

The Ponga barrette is also fantastic, though for completely different reasons....looks like a wonderful piece of "First Nations" art.....(maybe art copied nature??)..... A fine piece of workmanship, good sir!!!! The lamination to give strength (curious - what is the backing wood? - I don't recognize it).... and the technique you have developed....(?burnishing, then polishing) to utilize/accentuate the grain materials, then to add really-super polish to the dense high material...... I have a hunch that this took a good deal of effort (and skill, and experience)to get to this point......

Both will be very much enjoyed (and very well cared for)  over many years to come....(Hopefully both will become Mom-to-daughter heirlooms......You should somehow sign your work, Darryl - they deserve it....

Thanks again; I hope that, as circumstances allow, that I'll be able to add others of your super work to her collection..... including perrhaps some of your pewter work.....the sand-dollar is particularly nice - maybe one day you'll make a large version....

All the best,

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