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September 22, 2023



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Welcome to Barrette Baron

... 22 years in business ...

Dear Friends..... A lot of time has passed since I began making hair clips. I had the most amazing adventures over the years making them, sourcing wood, the travelling was great and had the opportunity to meet and chat with so many wonderful people. At this time, I will be closing the studio and focusing my energies on new ventures. A heartfelt THANKs for supporting my dreams... The past 22 years has been a wonderful experience.. Darryl ..

Corrugata Burl
~ Amazing Golden Grain! ~

"Click the Picture for more details : And go to Corrugata Burl"

I do believe that you have discovered the site which offers the finest grade of wooden hair barrettes that are available on the Internet. Each item is hand-made from select premium domestic and exotic woods, the finest that the world has to offer. This natural medium is one of the most, if not the most, environmentally friendly material that can be utilized. All raw materials used originate from sustainable and certified forest products. The barrettes and hair products are sometimes inlayed with semi-precious stone and other natural materials.

Originality and pride are sculpted into each product. My process gives rise to a very thin kerf profile which makes each barrette extremely lightweight. This, in conjunction with the burnished finish and oil protection produces one of the most elegant hair accessories you will ever find.

Please feel free to browse my online store and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


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~ Only authentic "Made In France" hair clips are used on my wooden barrettes ~

~ New barrette Designs on their way, please drop back ~

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... Barrette Baron is home to the original Banksia Pod stone inlay barrettes: a few Banksia Pod and Natural Stone barrettes are now available for purchase and custom orders are always welcome....
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Ice Berg off Cape Spear, Newfoundland, Canada

Want to see an Ice Berg breaking up.. I caught it on Camera on June 14, 2003: Follow Me.. ...

Here are a few travel Pictures of New Zealand and Australia: Follow Me.. ...

Australia: Orange Boxwood(soon ready), current bush, Salmon Bean, Gutta Purcha, Red Stringy Bark, Banksia(soon ready), Black Bean, OZ Ebony, Popular Gum Burl(soon ready),Gidgee.
Pictures: Koala Banksia Pod Flower Mila Mila Falls

New Zealand: Marcracarpa, Totara, Rewarewa, Black Maire(soon Ready), Rimu, Ponga and carbon dated 3000 BC Kauri Wood WOW!.
Pictures: Kauri Tree

Much Happiness To All.....See Ya!

If you have a piece of wood.. let us say from your grandmother's garden... I will make a barrette out of it for you.. or even two...as low as 7.00 each(US)..
Just Ask.

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